All I See Is.........Red GULP!

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All I See Is.........Red GULP!

Post  Edward on Fri Mar 18, 2011 7:41 pm

All I see is red
What's the meaning I said
Everywhere is red
I say with dread

Looking with wide open eyes
My fear is on the rise
When all I see is red
My terror is fed

Walking from room to room
I sense an impending doom
Step after step I take
A heart attack I cannot fake

I close my eyes and pray like never before
Hoping that something different is beyond that door
I grab the knob and turn it to the right
I open the door to a different sight

Oh My I say with jubilation
It's like a whole new destination
No red to give me a scare
No red to be found anywhere

Different colors fill my eyes
Eureka Eureka are my cries
Jump and Jump I do with joy
I'm just one happy boy

That's my story of the color red
Now off I go to bed
A place I totally dread
Because all I see is red


A red recolor of SIP livingroom 6

Meshes are included thanks to SimsInParis!


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