Tanja Thinks Teal's Terrific!!!-Part 2

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Tanja Thinks Teal's Terrific!!!-Part 2

Post  Edward on Fri Mar 18, 2011 5:28 am

In keeping with the Tanja/teal color scheme, I made a few recolors using Jonesi's Bed Blanket. Five to be exact.

The master mesh only is included, thanks to Jonesi over at, Black Pearl.

If you head on over to Sims 2 Artist, you can find a million and a half things slaved to the blanket. Trust me, I have most of them.

Also, Raynuss over at Black Pearl, fixed the thumbnails in the catalog so that you can see the whole blanket. They are now catagorized in the curtains section under, Decorative.



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